CARE International in Balkans

CARE International in Balkans has existed since 1992. Since its early days, CARE’s programme has expanded and elaborated to meet the changing needs of the region’s vulnerable population. CARE mission was to contribute to post-war recovery and the socio-economic development through the former Yugoslavia.

CARE in the Balkans now consists of three program offices based in Sarajevo (NW Balkans), Belgrade and Pristina.. CARE's program office from Sarajevo manages smaller project related offices in Banja luka, Srebrenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Zagreb (Croatia) and overseas a project portfolio that includes local partnerships in Montenegro. CARE is working under a light model of operation which requires greater partnership with local civil society organisation, NGO.s networks and governments.

CARE in the NW Balkans has been focused on the following strategic objectives:

Nowadays, CARE’s program offices have adopted a program approach model focused on two key areas:

More information on CARE’s strategies is available by clicking on each program area.

CARE in the BALKANS has offices in: Sarajevo, Zagreb, Banja Luka, Pristina and Belgrade.